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European Sociological Association 10th Conference – Geneva

The 10th ESA Conference, Social Relations in Turbulent Times’ tackled many important issues. It included those relating to, how Democracy can work in turbulent times and attracted

A Special Session on, “Approaches to “Bottom-up” Research in a Policy Environment’ was chaired by Professor Claire Wallace, University of Aberdeen. In the panel discussion with Thea Boldt-Jaremko (Kulturwissenschaftliches Institut, Essen), Professor Robert Miller (Queen’s University, Belfast) and Dr Atsuko Itchjo (Kingston University, London), Dr Lyudmila Nurse spoke on the interplay of biographies of places and people that drew on her work in the FP7 ENRI-EAST Biographical study that examined the ability of the qualitative approaches used to generate policy-relevant findings.

In the RS 22 Session, ‘European National and Regional Identities’, Dr Nurse delivered a paper on, ‘Cultural Identities and Music: Interplay of Local, National and Global’ drawing on her work in the FP7 ENRI-EAST music study. In the RN 03 Session, ‘Biographical Perspectives on European Societies’ Lyudmila spoke on, ‘Faith and Religion in the Formation of Identities in the Ethnic Minorities in Eastern Europe’ based on findings from the FP7 ENRI-EAST biographical study.

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