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Migration and Security in the post-Soviet space

Lyudmila Nurse presented a paper at the Conference Twenty five years later (1991–2016): between Soviet past and unclear European and Eurasian future, organised by the project “Migration and Security in the post-Soviet space” at the Central European University in Budapest https://envsci.ceu.edu/events/2016-11-25/twenty-five-years-later-1991-2016-between-soviet-past-and-unclear-european-and  

Presidential session of the RC 34 “ Sociology of Youth”

Presidential session of the RC 34 “ Sociology of Youth” at the Third ISA Forum in Vienna, Austria, 10-14 July 2016 “The Futures We Want: Global Sociology and the Struggles for a Better World. Lyudmila Nurse presented a tribute to a colleague and a former President of the ISA RC34 Professor Jürgen Hartmann with an […]

Politics of European Past“: Conceptual change, narratives, discourses

Lyudmila Nurse participated in the panel Politics of „European Past“: Conceptual change, narratives, discourses- at The Political Sociology of Transnational Europe at the ECPR Standing, at Group/External 8th Pan-European Conference of the European Union: „The Union’s Institutional and constitutional Transformations: Stress or Adaptation? “, University of Trento, Italy, Trento SGEU Conference by presenting a paper: […]

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