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Innovative multi-disciplinary research.


An international network of social scientists.


Research support to international development projects.


Future events Oxford XXI will participant in.

Making sense of global change in the 21st century.

OXFORD XXI  think tank is a UK-based non-governmental organisation with a mission to make sense of global change in the 21st century.

Oxford XXI produces innovative research and analysis, focussing on the transformation of societies, politics, cultures, and economies.  Our organisation develops an innovative approach to identities and policies through our global network of leading social scientists, academics, and industry experts.

OXFORD XXI  think tank provides:

  • an ongoing forum for the discussion and generation of ideas
  • innovative research and collaboration on projects on social and cultural issues
  • regularly contribute to projects concerning economic and policy development, restructuring and social impact monitoring across the world
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Our Work.

OXFORD XXI researches frontiers: social, cultural, ethnic, national. Our directors have a particular interest in the evolving identities in transitional and restructuring societies, with expertise in new member and accession states of the European Union, and in the countries of the Commonwealth of Independent States.

Our Method.

As a participant and a coordinator of international collaborative research, OXFORD XXI relies on its founding principles to guide and direct its activities. OXFORD XXI can be defined by its joint commitment to staying at the forefront of advances in social sciences and to equipping clients with pragmatic, practical sociological insight.  

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